Graduate Students & Postdoctoral Fellows

The Ideker Lab is recruiting bioinformatics graduate students, postdocs, and senior research scientists to work across multiple laboratory projects.  Prior to submitting an inquiry on available positions, please watch Dr. Ideker’s talk at AACR 2018 , read our Research pages, and read some of our papers on the projects that interest you. In addition, we have have posted a partial list of open projects related to the DrugCell project in particular. 

Graduate Students: If you are a student who seeks to be admitted to a graduate program at UC San Diego, Dr. Ideker is associated with the following PhD programs, thus please apply through those sites directly: Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BISB)Biomedical Research (BMS)Bioengineering, and Computer Science & Engineering (CSE). If you have already been admitted to a UC San Diego graduate program and are interested in joining the lab, you are welcome to email Dr. Ideker directly. 

Postdocs & Senior Research Scientists: Applicants for computational studies must have a PhD in bioinformatics, computer science or a related discipline, a strong background in machine learning and bioinformatics. Applicants for experimental omics studies must have a PhD in the biological sciences with a strong background in genetics and genomics. All applicants must have a history of productive publication. 

If interested in applying for a position you may contact Dr. Ideker by email Please include a link to your CV and professional references. 

Software Engineers

The Ideker Lab develops bioinformatic resources for network analysis that are widely used by the biological and biomedical research community. The best known is Cytoscape, a collaborative open-source platform for visualizing and analyzing complex networks. Cytoscape is widely used, with tens of thousands of downloads per month and more than 25,000 citations from research papers. NDEx, the Network Data Exchange, is another major project. NDEx is a public web resource for sharing, storing, accessing, and publishing biological networks on the cloud. For more information about the Cytoscape Ecosystem & NDEx Network Cloud, visit the Software & Platforms page.

If interested in applying for a position with the Software Development Team, you may contact Jing Chen by email