Meet the Ideker Lab

The Ideker Lab is a dynamic group of enthusiastic scientists with expertise across a variety of disciplines, including systems biology, cellular modeling, cancer genomics, computational biology, epigenetics, and psychiatric diseases. Current lab members and their contact information are shown below. Visit the Lab Alumni page to meet our distinguished alumni. Visit our Photo Gallery to see what fun our group has been up to! 

Trey Ideker, Ph.D.

University of California San Diego
Professor, Department of Medicine
Adjunct Professor, Departments of Bioengineering and Computer Science
Co-Director, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology PhD Program

Director, NIGMS National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
Co-Director, NCI Cancer Cell Map Initiative (CCMI)
Co-Director, NIMH Psychiatric Cell Map Initiative (PCMI)

Office: (858) 822-4558
Fax:     (858) 246-1396

Mailing Address:
UC San Diego, Dept of Medicine
9500 Gilman Drive, Mailcode 0688
La Jolla, CA 92093-0688

Assistant: Charlotte Curtis
Lab Manager:  Kate Licon



Jason F. Kreisberg, Ph.D.
(858) 534-3578

Academic Program Manager
Assist. Director, Cancer Cell Map Initiative

Kate Licon
Tel (858) 822-4667
Fax (858) 246-1396

Lab Manager


Charlotte Curtis 
(858) 534-7726


Michael Chen

Staff Research Associate


John Lee

Staff Research Associate

Isabella Panagiotou 

Staff Research Associate

Fund Managers

Julie Wilkes
(858) 822-2137

Assistant Director of Sponsored Projects

Jeane Lee
(858) 534-1725

Fund Manager

Senior Scientists

Anton Kratz, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Scientist

Sara Brin Rosenthal, Ph.D.

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist

Software Development Team


Dexter Pratt

Director of Software Development


Jing Chen
(858) 246-1698

Software Architect


Chris Churas

Software Developer

Sophie Liu

Bioinformatics Programmer


Keiichiro (Kei) Ono

Bioinformatics Programmer


Rudolf T. Pillich, Ph.D.
(858) 822-4068

NDEx Application Manager

Postdoctoral Scholars

Maayan Baron, Ph.D. 

Postdoctoral Scholar

Mark Kelly, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar

Karen Mei, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Scholar

Sungjoon Park

Postdoctoral Scholar
(incoming Fall 2021)

Devin N. Patel, MD

Urologic Oncology Fellow

Leah Schaffer, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Graduate Student Researchers

Likitha Aradhyula

Biological Sciences (MS)

Samson Fong


Adam Li

Bioinformatics & Systems Biology

Brenton Munson


Rob Loughnan

Cognitive Science, 
Center for Human Development

Yue Qin

Bioinformatics & Systems Biology

Erica Silva

Biomedical Sciences,
Medical Scientist Training Program

Lily Rajaee

Biological Sciences (MS)

Akshat Singhal

Computer Science

Sarah Wright

Bioinformatics & Systems Biology

Patrick Wall


Undergraduate Lab Assistants

Audrey Bogosian 

Molecular and Cell Biology (BS)

Ximena Gonzalez 

General Biology (BS)

Delina Kambo

Bioengineering (BS)