Trey Ideker, PhD

University of California San Diego
Professor, Department of Medicine
Adjunct Professor, Departments of Bioengineering and Computer Science
Co-Director, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology PhD Program

Director, NIH Bridge2AI Functional Genomics Program
Director, NIGMS National Resource for Network Biology (NRNB)
Co-Director, NCI Cancer Cell Map Initiative (CCMI)
Co-Director, NIMH Psychiatric Cell Map Initiative (PCMI)

Telephone +1 (858) 822-4558
Email tideker [at] 

Mailing Address
UC San Diego, Dept of Medicine
9500 Gilman Drive, Mailcode 0688
La Jolla, CA 92093-0688

Assistant: Charlotte Marquez, idekeradmin [at] 
Lab Manager: Kate Licon, klicon [at]

About Dr. Trey Ideker

Trey Ideker, PhD, is a UCSD Professor of Medicine, Bioengineering and Computer Science, and former Chief of Genetics. He directs or co-directs the National Resource for Network Biology, and the Cancer Cell Map and Psychiatric Cell Map Initiatives. Trey received BS and MEng degrees in Computer Science from MIT and his PhD in Genome Sciences from the University of Washington under Drs. Lee Hood and Dick Karp. Trey is a pioneer in genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic analysis and in the theory and practice of Systems Biology. He founded and continues to develop the widely used Cytoscape network analysis platform (>30,000 citations). His lab also created the Hannum epigenetic clock, the first to measure human aging rates using DNA methylation. Trey is on the Board of Scientific Advisors to the National Cancer Institute and formerly the National Human Genome Research Institute. He serves on the editorial boards of Cell, Cell Systems and PLoS Computational Biology. Trey was named a Top 10 Innovator by Technology Review, received the 2009 ICSB Overton Prize, and is an AAAS & AIMBE Fellow. He is a Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher (top 1% by citations).