Conferences, symposia, and workshops

Watch Video: Dr. Trey Ideker presented at the NIDA Center’s 9th Annual Retreat of the P50 Center for Genetic Studies of Drug Abuse in Outbred Rats. A special acknowledgment goes to the Palmer Lab and its members for hosting the event at the University of California San Diego. (Oct 27, 2023)

Schmidt Futures Group Dinner in San Diego (Feb 21, 2023)

Watch Video: Dr. Ideker’s keynote talk at The Workshop on the Future of Algorithms in Biology (FAB) 2018. “Towards a structure/function simulation of a cancer cell.” Video recorded at Carnegie Mellon University. (Sept 28, 2018)

Watch Video: Dr. Ideker speaking at AACR Annual Meeting (Chicago, IL. April 2018). “Decoding patient genomes through the hierarchical pathway architecture of the cancer cell”. Watch the full AACR Webcast here.

Drs. Trey Ideker and Nathan Lewis speaking at UCSD/LINK-J Symposium in Tokyo, Japan (Feb 22, 2019)

UCSD/LINK-J Symposium “Systems biology, bioinformatics and big data in medicine and drug development” in Tokyo, Japan (Feb 22, 2019)

Fan Zheng speaking at CSBC West Coast Symposium, held at OSHU (May 2019)

IMPROVE-Bridge2AI Jamboree Welcome Dinner at Javier’s (Dec 12, 2023)

Samson Fong speaking in the NetBio COSI session at ISMB 2019 in Basel, Switzerland. Presenting “DiseaseScope: Automatic Construction and Interpretation of Hierarchical Disease Models.” Photo by Martina Kutmon. (July 23, 2019)

Jisoo Park presenting “DrugCell: A visible neural network to guide precision medicine.” during the poster session at ISMB 2019 in Basel, Switzerland.  (July 2019)

Dr. Ideker and colleagues dining after SIAM 2018

Dr. Ideker speaking at SIAM 2018

Samson Fong & Jason Kreisberg celebrating the award of the Merck 350 Research Grant in Darmstadt, Germany. Their proposal was one of THREE applications to be funded out of more than 500 applicants.  (November 2018) 

MuSIC SF Jamboree dinner with Ideker,  Lundberg, and Sali Lab (May 22, 2022)

Watch Videos from the 2018 Cell Mapping Symposium, hosted by Drs. Trey Ideker & Nevan Krogan. View all recorded talks here: 

NCATS Hackathon Meeting hosts at UC San Diego, The Village 15 (Jan 2018)

NCATS Hackathon Meeting participants at UC San Diego, enjoying the view and a winter rainbow from the 15th floor at Village West. (Jan 2018)

CCMI investigators dinner with Ideker & Krogan labs, in La Jolla (Spring 2018) 

Inaugural meeting of the Cancer Cell Map Initiative (CCMI) at UC San Francisco Mission Bay campus. (Sept 2016)   

Lab members & social events

2023 Holiday Party at Dr. Ideker’s home 

Lab outing to Julian, CA. Oct 2019 

Lab outing to Julian, CA. Oct 2019 

Manny’s last week in lab before heading to the University of Pittsburgh to begin Graduate School. L-R: Manny Michaca, Erica Silva, and Michael Chen (July 2019)

Likitha Aradhyula (Undergraduate student) & Veronica Silva (high school student volunteer) at work in the wet lab (July 2019)

2023 Joshua Tree Camping Trip

Tina Wang celebrating with friends, family, and doctoral committee after successfully defending her thesis on “Characterizing the Evolution of Epigenetic Clocks at Different Time Scales”. 
UC San Diego (May 8, 2019)

Lab Dinner at Ding Tai Fung.  (L-R) Karen, Iris, Charlotte, Erica, Yue, and Jisoo (June 2019)

Welcome, new Postdocs! Karen Mei & Adriana Pitea’s first day with Ideker Lab (Nov 2018)

Happy Hour on BRF2 Patio (Spring 2019).
L-R: Brian Tsui, Brett Settle, Aaron Gary, Simon Larsen, Tina Wang, Dan Carlin, Anton Kratz, Brent Kuenzi, and Chris Churas 

Chris Churas, Summer 2019 @ SOM2

Vlad Rynkov, Summer 2019 @ SOM2

2018 Holiday Party at Dr. Ideker’s home 

Wei Zhang & Anne Carvunis, Postdocs in Ideker Lab (July 2017)

2019 Lab Retreat

2019 Retreat. Ideker Lab on stage at Humphrey’s Half Moon Bay, San Diego

Annual Lab Retreats at Two Harbors, Catalina Island

Playing table top games at the Casas
BBQ dinner at the Casas
Dinner at Harbor Reef restaurant (2017)
Boating adventures in Catalina, Retreat 2018
Sailing around Two Harbors with (L-R) Manny, Samson, Erica, Iris, and Veronica  (2018)
2016 Lab Retreat, on the Banning House patio.
(L-R) Hannah Carter, Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis, Billur Engin & friend
Dan Carlin presenting research at Banning House
Group meetings in Banning House lodge 

Ideker group photos from years past...

July 2018 Joint-Lab Retreat with Ideker & Mesirov labs 
Ideker Lab 2015, Catalina
Ideker Lab 2012, Scripps Research Inst., La Jolla Shores
2019 Ideker Lab, Humphrey’s Half Moon Bay in San Diego
July 2017 Joint-Lab Retreat with Ideker, Carter, Krogan, & Mesirov labs 
Ideker Lab 2010, UCSD School of Engineering
Ideker Lab 2013, Catalina